Television Credits

Slings and Arrows (BBCtv)

Pilot (2013) Bernard. Director: Dewi Humphries


Mount Pleasant II (Tiger Aspect for Sky)

1 Episode.(2012) Stanley.  Director: Dewi Humphries. 

Toast (Ruby Films for BBCtv)

TV film. (2010). Percy Salt. Director: SJ Clarkson.


Dr Who

‘Victory of the Daleks’. (2010). Air Raid Warden.

‘’The Long Game’. (2005). Head Chef. Director: Brian Grant.



Slings and Arrows (BBCtv)

Pilot (2013) Bernard. Director: Dewi Huphries


Mount Pleasant II (Tiger Aspect for Sky)

1 Episode.(2012) Stanley.  Director: Dewi Huphries. 

Toast (Ruby Films for BBCtv)

TV film. (2010). Percy Salt. Director: SJ Clarkson.


Dr Who

‘Victory of the Daleks’. (2010). Air Raid Warden.

‘’The Long Game’. (2005). Head Chef. Director: Brian Grant.


Rock and Chips (BBCtv)

Pilot. (2009). Mr Johnson. Director: Dewi Humphries.


The Site (BBCtv)

Pilot. (2009). Joseph Rudd (Father – lead role). Director: Tristram Shapeero.


The Confessor

Short Film. (2009). Father Ray. Writer/Producer: Chris Jackson. Director: Rob James.


Heartbeat (ITV Yorkshire)

‘School of Hard Knocks’. (2009). Reece. Director: Piotr Szkopiac.

‘Out of the Blue’. (2003). Mr Arkwright. Director: Paul Walker.


Doctors (BBCtv)

‘Anger Management’. (2008). Martin Jones. Director: John Maidens.

‘Out of the Past’. (2006). David Allen. Director: Michael Buffong.

‘Military Manoeuvres’ (2001). Major Stanley Miller.


Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Tiger Aspect)

Episode 5, Series 2. (2008). Hector Lionheart. Director: Peter Lydon.


Coronation Street (ITV Granada) (Various directors)

1 Episode. (2008). Clarky.

Recurring. (2005). Eddie Maddocks.

Recurring. (1995). Rodney Bostock.

2 Episodes. (1992). John Halpern.


Buzz Aldrin, Man on the Moon (Channel 4)

TV Opera. (2006). Bob Moon (non-singing). Director: Rupert Edwards.


Fear, Stress and Anger (Hartswood Films)

1 Episode. (2006). Henry Clegg. Director: Martin Dennis.


The Basil Brush Show (The Foundation)

1 Episode. (2006). The Man from the Ministry. Director: Michael Kerrigan.


Hex (Shine Entertainments)

‘Death Takes the Mother’ (2005). George the Porter. Director: Brian Grant.


The Bill (Thames/Freemantle)

Ep 344. (2005). Landlord. Director: Menhas Huda (‘Hud’).

Ep 063. (2002). Mr Yardley. Director: Michael Affa.

‘Pathways’. (1989). Mr Burridge. Director: Michael Ferguson.


Afterlife (Quite Scary Films)

‘More Than Meets the Eye’. (2005). Arthur Rose. Director: Maurice Phillips.


According To Bex (BBCtv)

‘Private Dancer’. (2005). Mr Rhodes. Director: Dewi Humphries.


Patrick’s Planet (BBCtv)

Series. (2004). Messy Morgan. Director: Dominic Fantana.


Teachers (Tiger Aspect for Channel 4)

Series 4. (2004). The Pub Landlord. Director: Barnaby Southcombe.


The Alan Clarke Diaries (BBCtv)

1 Episode. (2003). The Returning Officer. Director: Jon Jones.


Casualty (BBCtv)

‘Flight’. (2003). Williams.   Director: Jim O’Hanlon.


My Family (DLT for BBCtv)

‘The Mummy Returns’. (2004). George. Director: Dewi Humphries.

‘Imperfect Strangers’. (2002). Raymond. Director: Dewi Humphries.

‘Kenzo’s Project’. (2009). Compilation.


Trial and Retribution (La Plante for BBCtv)

Episode 6.2. (2002). Major Giddings. Director: Ferdinand Fairfax.


The Infinite Worlds of HG Wells (Hallmark)

1 Episode. (2001) Mr Perkins, Foreman.


Dream Team (Hewland for Sky)

1 Episode. Prison guard. Director: Alan Dosser.


The Whistle Blower (BBCtv)

TV Film. (2001). Peter Carey. Director: Ben Bolt.


Kavanagh QC (ITV)

‘The More Loving One’. (1999) Prison Officer. Director: David Thacker.


Grange Hill (BBCtv)

Episode 22.8. (1999). Man with bicycle.


Nancherrow (Portman for ITV)

TV Film. (1999) The Mayor. Director: Simon Langton.


Whizziwig (ITV Carlton)

1 Episode. (1998). The Mayor. Director: Dirk Campbell.


The Famous Five (Zenith)

‘Five on Kirrin Island Again’. (1997). Coastguard. Director: Michael Kerrigan.


The Phoenix and the Carpet (BBCtv)

Episode 4. (1997) Sgt Cooper. Director: Michael Kerrigan.


In Suspicious Circumstances (ITV Granada)

‘The Letter Killeth’. (1996). Rev Cotton.


The Feast of July

Feature film. (1995). man in pub. Director: Christopher Menaul.


Brookside (Mersey TV for Channel 4)

Several episodes. Detective. Director: Richard Standeven.


Singles (ITV Yorkshire)

1 episode (1991) Sitcom.


Hannay (Thames TV)

‘The Good Samaritan’. (1989) Reverend Harker. Director: Henry Herbert.


Minder (Euston films/Freemantle)

‘Days of Fines and Closures’.  (1989). Reggie.

‘Caught in the Act, Fact’. (1980). Stevie.  Director: Terry Green.


Precious Bane (BBCtv)

TV Film. (1989).  Ox Driver. Director: Christopher Menaul.


Dempsey and Makepeace (ITV LWT)

‘Judgement’. (1985). John Bates. Director: William Brayne.


Play for Today (BBCtv)

‘London is Drowning’. (1981). Arthur. Director: Martin Friend.

‘Double Dare’. (1976). The Porter.


Goodbye Darling

‘Barbara’. (1981) 2nd Man. Director: Jonathan Wright-Miller.


The Children of the New Forest (BBCtv)

Part 3. (1977). Villager.



Short Film. (1976). Coeur de Fer.


The Sweeney

‘Ringer’. (First ever episode! 1975). Stupid Hawes. Director: Terry Green.


Ransom (The Terrorists in USA)

Feature Film. (1974). Mike. Director: Casper Wrede.


New Scotland Yard (LWT)

‘Bullet in a Haystack’. (1973). PC Fleetwood.

Director: Bill Turner.


Willie (ATV)

Play.  Director: Vivian Matalon.


Budgie (LWT)

‘Louie the Ring is Dead...’.   (1972). 3rd Jeweller.

Director:  Michael Lindsay-Hogg.


A Family at War (ITV Granada)

‘For Strategic Reasons’. (1970). Private Galt.

Director: Tim Jones


The Borderers (BBCtv)

‘Hostage’. (1970). Hob. Director: Ken Hannan.


Parkin’s Patch (ITV Yorkshire)

‘Nothing Personal’. (1969) . Harold Anderson.

Director: Richard Argent.


Sexton Blake (Thames TV)

‘Sexton Blake and the Undertaker’. (1969).

Director: Adrian Cooper.


Z Cars (BBCtv)

‘Not That Sort of Policeman’, 2 parts. (1969). Arthur Leach.

Director: Gerry Mill


Other Films (1970s)

‘All the Right Noises’. Tearaway. Director:  Gerry O'Hara

‘Scrooge’. Street Father Christmas. Director: Ronald Neame.

‘Percy’. Hospital Porter.  Director;  Ralph Thomas.