Colin Prockter
Colin Prockter

Theatre Credits


Prospect Theatre Company:

Beggars Opera (Toby Robertson, 1968)

Bardolph in Henry IV 1&2 and Henry V (Kenny McBain, 1974)


Midlands Arts Centre: (1968-69)

Acres in The Rivals, (Terry Lane)

Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against The Eunuchs (Tony Robinson)

Huck Finn in Tom Sawyer (John English)


International Theatre Company

Urbane Tatters (Vincent Guy, 1969)


Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park:

Romeo & Juliet (Richard Digby Day, 1971)

Snug in Midsummer Night’s Dream, (Richard Digby Day, 1971)

Fabian in Twelfth Night (Robert Lang, 1973)

William in As You Like It. (David Conville, 1973)


Watford Palace Theatre:

Prospero in The Tempest (John Chadwick, 1973)


Greenwich Theatre:

The Bells (Eric Thompson, 1976).


Cambridge Theatre Company:

Acres in The Rivals (Robert Lang, 1976)

Present Laughter (Jonathan Lynn, 1976)

Uncle Vanya (Edward Pethebridge 1977);

Young Fashion in The Relapse (Jonathan Lynn, 1978)

Fancourt-Babberley in Charley’s Aunt (Brian Rawlinson, 1978).


Oxford Playhouse Company:

The Threepenny Opera (Gordon McDougal, 1977)

Sergeant Musgrave’s Dance (Nick Kent, 1977).


Liverpool Playhouse:

The Maintenance Man (Peter Watson, 1978)

Season’s Greetings (Nickolai Foster 2005-06)


Whirligig Children’s Theatre:

The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner (David Wood, 1979).


Leeds Playhouse:

Sven in Joking Apart (Peter Watson, 1980)

Clouds (John Harrison, 1980).


Edinburgh Lyceum:

Mo in Born In The Gardens (Suzanna Harker, 1981).


Watermill Theatre:

French Farce (Christopher Sandford, 1985)

Cheltenham Everyman Theatre:

Rebecca (John Durnin, 1988)


Sixth Sense Theatre Company:

Marius in The Road To Mecca (1993)


Churchill Theatre Bromley & Pola Jones Tour:

PC Jaffers and Dr Kemp in The Invisible Man(Ken Hill, 1993/94)


Theatr Clwyd:

Justice Balance in The Recruiting Officer (Christopher Sandford, 1985)

Badger in Wind in the Willows (Christopher Sandford, 1987/88)

Brabantio in Othello (Toby Robertson, 1989);

Doolittle in Pygmalion (Michael McCaffrey, 1991).


Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich:

Mr Stone in The Business of Murder (Jacob Murray, 1996).


Bristol Old Vic:

Boniface in The Beaux’ Stratagem (Ian Hastings,1996).


Haymarket Theatre, Leicester:

David in Hay Fever (Paul Kerryson, 1998).


Steven Joseph Theatre, Scarborough:

Henry Horatio Hobson in Hobson’s Choice (Alan Strachan, 1999)


Nottingham Playhouse:

Ben Weatherstaff in The Secret Garden (Jacob Murray, 2000)


Salisbury Playhouse:

Hermann K in Kafka’s Dick (Jacob Murray, 2002)


Manchester Library Theatre

Jim in Humble Boy (Roger Haines,2004)


Dukes Theatre Lancaster:

Davies in The Caretaker (Ian Hastings, 2006)      “A stunning performance” Morning Star


Chichester Festival Theatre Tour:

Jim Heeler (and Henry Hobson at matinees) in Hobson’s Choice (Jonathan Church, 2008)


Manchester Royal Exchange:

Measure for Measure (Braham Murray, 1981)

Foigard in The Beaux’ Stratagem (Braham Murray, 1982)

The Government Inspector (Braham Murray, 1983)

Class K (Greg Hersov, 1984/85)

Court In The Act (Braham Murray, 1986)

Twelfth Night (Braham Murray, 1988)

School For Scandal (Phillida Lloyd, 1990)

She’s In Your Hands! (Greg Hersov, 1990)

The Doctor’s Dilemma (James Maxwell, 1991)

The Miser - followed by national tour (Braham Murray, 1991/2)

The Brothers Karamazov (Braham Murray, 1993)

The Abbe Faria in The Count of Monte Cristo (Braham Murray, 1994)

Victor in Private Lives (Braham Murray, 1995)

Gruchet in The Candidate (Braham Murray, 1997)

Christopher Hawthorne in Hindle Wakes (Helena Kaut-Howson, 1996 & 1998 – either side of the IRA bomb !

McLeavey in Loot (Braham Murray, 2001)

Tubby in Hobson’s Choice (Braham Murray, 2003)

Bob in A Conversation (Jacob Murray,2007)

Tieresias in The Bacchae (Braham Murray, 2010)


West End:

Mermaid & Cambridge Theatres:

Trotter in Manchester Theatre 69’s production of Journey’s End. (Eric Thompson, 1971)

Piccadilly Theatre:

Toad of Toad Hall (David Conville, 1979)

Aldwych Theatre:

Andy Capp the musical (Braham Murray, 1983).

Phoenix Theatre:

Bienassis in Court in the Act (Braham Murray, 1987).



BBC Radio 3: Henry IV Part 1. (Michael Fox)

BBC Radio 4: Christopher Hawthorne in Hindle Wakes.



Dylan Thomas and Lloyd George Knew My Mother for Dan Mold Productions;

Drama critic for The Croydon Advertiser and

Teacher/Director with The Croydon Youth Theatre (CYTO) before moving to the Cotswolds

Recent appearances....



2 Episodes  - Frances (2018).  Bob Steel

Director: Gary Williams

Airing January 2019


Mr Winner


EP4 - The Package (2018).  Carl Bowman.

Director: Andrew Chaplin



Slings and Arrows (BBCtv)

Pilot (2013) Bernard.

Director: Dewi Humphries


Mount Pleasant II (Tiger Aspect for Sky)

1 Episode.(2012) Stanley.  Director: Dewi Humphries. 

Toast (Ruby Films for BBCtv)

TV film. (2010). Percy Salt. Director: SJ Clarkson.


Dr Who

‘Victory of the Daleks’. (2010). Air Raid Warden.

‘’The Long Game’. (2005). Head Chef. Director: Brian Grant.


Rock and Chips (BBCtv)

Pilot. (2009). Mr Johnson. Director: Dewi Humphries.



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